The ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL International Acceleration program is organized by Associação Acredita Portugal and has the support of Turismo de Portugal.

We look for already established projects that are active within the tourism sector and intend to develop a technological component, or for technological Startups that want to adapt their solution to the tourist activity.

The acceleration program covers a maximum of 20 teams and runs from April to June 2021, completely online, through a business modeling pedagogical platform, and by videoconference, either in individual mentoring meetings or in webinars where it will be applied Ide@ methodology from Acredita Portugal. The program ends with a Gala to present the candidate projects and where monetary prizes will be awarded to the three best classifieds.

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The International Acceleration Program “ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL” is organized by the Association “Acredita Portugal” and is supported by “Turismo de Portugal”.

The objective of the program is to contribute to the creation and development of new businesses based on innovative and challenging ideas related to tourism, accordingly they support startups that intend to develop components of innovation and scalability from the Portuguese entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem.

The ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL program is oriented to already established projects that have business in tourism and want to develop a technological component, or to technological startups that want to adapt their solution to tourism activity, therefore this program gives priority o supporting projects that:

  • Promote the digitalization of physical assets and their integration into digital ecosystems with the various suppliers in the value chain (challenge: digital solutions for SMEs).
  • Enhance geographic diversity, integrating the landscape, the endogenous resources and the natural and cultural heritage for greater sustainability (challenge: Sustainable projects and environmental economy).
  • Expand the development capacities of the inland territories, boostingnew strategies for the valorization of their resources, assets and agents, while generating higher levels of attractiveness and competitiveness (challenge: Valorization of local resources and products of the country’s inland territories).

components of innovation and scalability from the Portuguese entrepreneurial and technological ecosystem.

The ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL program is designed to support the development of innovative projects and ideas in the field of tourism, helping Startups to acquire knowledge, networks and specialized support to transform and integrate this idea in Portuguese and European digital ecosystems.

Participation is open to companies established less than 5 years ago, with an innovative project, of technological scope, with application in the field of Tourism.

Only applications submitted through the online registration form will be accepted until midnight (WET) on 04/04/2021

Participation is open to people of any nationality, over 18 years old, integrating a team for each Startup. There is no limit to the number of participants per team, in the Phase 1 – Acceleration , but for Phase 2 – Bootcamp Online, the participation of 2 people is mandatory, at least 1 of the participants must be Founder. Each Startup can only apply with 1 project.

Startups will be selected based on the degree of innovation of the proposed solutions; adaptation to environmental, social and economic sustainability goals; multidisciplinary team and development capacity of Startups; degree of development and innovation of the business model and its sustainability; growth potential and profitability of Startups; Human resources to be allocated to the program.

Participation in ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL is free, no fees are charged, and no equity interest is required ;. The acceleration program runs exclusively online and will be conducted predominantly in English. Finalist projects must participate in all phases of the program, with the presence of at least one Founder in the Acceleration Bootcamp, Presentation Pitch and Closing Gala.

  • Strengthen and support innovative ideas and projects with an impact on the tourism sector.
  • Contribute to the development of an innovative ecosystem in the sector, offering opportunities to create and grow startups with a global perspective and impact.
  • Support networking initiatives for promotion opportunities and communication between startups and investors.
  • Provide best practices in accessing information, know-how and training to help innovative companies in the Tourism sector thrive.

The ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL program runs from February to June 2021, and foresees the realization of:

  • Application Phase, through an online platform (7 weeks);
  • First Phase of the Online Acceleration, open to all registered applicants (2 weeks);
  • Second Phase of the Online Acceleration for the finalist Startups (4 weeks);
  • Online Mentoring, Pitch and Evaluation sessions;
  • Closing Gala for the public presentation of the Startups to the entrepreneurial community (1 day, online).

    This Program will be supported by an on-line computer platform for business modeling, developed based on the most widely used methodologies in the creation of new businesses.

At the moment of registration, all participants, acquire the right to access the First Phase of Online Acceleration program, through a pedagogical platform that allows building the following instruments:

  • Business Model: Detailed information of the idea and develop a draft of the? business model.
  • Prototype/Empathy Interviews: Perform empathy tests with potential customers and/or take feedback from the first pilots of the project.
  • Marketing Plan: Detailing the marketing strategy and the work plan that would allow you to start putting the project into practice.
  • Financial Plan: Financial issues such as revenues and costs of the project and the calculation of the necessary investment.

The Second Acceleration Phase consists of an Online Bootcamp with intensive training sessions, thematic lectures and webinars, training videos and individual mentoring and follow-up meetings on Marketing and Communication. Speed-meetings with Portuguese entrepreneurs and round tables with partner companies for potential pilots are also planned.

The Closing Gala (online) consists of the finalists pitch and announce the winners and award the prizes.

The Closing Gala may be replaced by an event for the promotion of the projects and discussion of themes related to tourism, with duration of more than 1 day and that would take place within the schedule for the initiative.

Until the final, the participants will go through the following selection stages:

At the end of the First Phase of Online Acceleration (via the pedagogical platform), the top 20 startups are chosen and move on to the next phase;

3 winners will be selected at the end of the Second Phase of Online Acceleration,The winners will be announced at the closing the Gala.

Yes, it is foreseen that 20,000.00 € (twenty thousand euros) will be awarded to the winners, distributed as follows:

  • 1st Place – 15,000.00 € (fifteen thousand Euros);
  • 2nd Place – 3.000,00 € (three thousand Euros);
  • 3rd Place – 2.000,00 € (two thousand Euros).

Any intellectual property rights, including copyrights and industrial property rights, that exist and are related to the Startup’s project submitted to ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL belong and will continue to belong to the participating Startup.

The participating Startup declares and warrants that it is the owner of all intellectual property rights, including copyrights and industrial property rights, or its rightful user, relating to the project, including trademarks.

The Organization and the participating Startup expressly undertake to treat and keep confidential all information concerning their business, as well as, in general, all information concerning the Organization or the participating Startup, of which they may become aware by virtue of this Program, henceforth referred to as “Confidential Information”.

The participating Startup grants the Organization sufficient authorization to use the non-confidential information that integrates its projects, as well as its identifying elements and distinctive signs, in promotional and marketing actions or that, by any form and means, imply the dissemination of the Acceleration Program, as well as of its participating teams and the respective projects presented;

The Regulation is considered in its wording in Portuguese and interpreted by Portuguese law. For the resolution of all disputes the Court of the District of Porto has exclusive jurisdiction.

Before participating in the Program you must read, understood and accepted, the terms and conditions of the Regulation.