ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL is a highly selective program for the most promising technology startups in the world that can boost the travel and tourism sector.

The program runs 100% online between April and June 2021, and includes:
Phase 1 – 2 weeks Acceleration in online platform;
Phase 2 – Bootcamp Acceleration online and mentoring sessions for 4 weeks;
Closing Gala – Public presentation of 20 startups projects and announcement of the winners.

Participants will have two evaluation moments:

  • At the end of the Phase 1 when the 20 best Startups will be chosen to go to the online acceleration bootcamp;
  • At the end of Phase 2 there will be an evaluation in which the 3 winners will be selected.  


The ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL acceleration program aims at developing Startups and ideas in the field of tourism, which need specialized support to transform and integrate your project into digital ecosystems and sustainable businesses.


All subscribers have access in Phase 1, to a pedagogical business modeling platform, developed based on the most used methodologies (design thinking, business model canvas, lean canvas and blue ocean) which covers all the components of the business plan, from the development of the business model, tests, marketing and financial plans. The software provides videos, tutorials, examples, glossary, among other resources.

Startups that have completed Phase 1- Acceleration process will be evaluated by a jury chosen by the organization that will select the 20 best Startups that will pass to Phase 2 – Bootcamp Acceleration online, which will be announced on April 29  by email.

The selected startups will have access to work with some important players in the tourism industry in Portugal. They will be submitted to an intensive acceleration program, identifying a potential project and a pilot project.
Acceleration involves an intensive program to learn critical skills for entering the market, launching a pilot project and implementing skills, building a company and culture that scales and define fundraising strategies.

At the end of the acceleration program, the 20 finalist startups will be evaluated by a jury appointed by the organization that will classify each of the projects and select the three startups that most distinguished themselves for innovation, sustainability, business model, scalability and quality of the team.

Presentation session of the pitch of the finalist projects and announcement of the three winners.
The best project accelerated by the ACELER@TECH IN PORTUGAL program will have a monetary prize and a set of perks provided by our partners. 

1st Place – € 15,000.00
2nd Place – € 3,000.00
3rd Place – € 2,000.00