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After being accelerated for 2 months,  the 3 winners of the 20 most innovative startups in the tourism industry were announced today.  Projects will receive financial and service awards to enhance their implementation and impact.

The winning projects of the program will be awarded, in addition to prizes for services provided by the partners of the initiative, financial prizes aimed at enhancing their impact on the market: the winner will receive €15,000, 2nd place €3,000 and 3rd place €2,000.

• 1st place: Valpas – Valpas transforms hotels and suppliers in the hospitality industry into visibly cleaner places to stay when away from home, protecting them from the dirtiest creatures: bed bugs. The Valpas bed bug safety standard has been implemented in over 60 award-winning hotels.
• 2nd place: Insurion – Insurion is the parametric insurance platform that allows travel agencies, airlines and hotels to earn sales fees for parametric insurance to tourists with instant payments.
• 3rd place: Look@ – the smart selfie sculpture – Helping tourists to live the moment to the fullest, capturing those moments and making them unforgettable.

Check here the video of the Awards Ceremony and the words of 2020 aceleratech edition winners.


Have you ever imagine a robot as a travel guide?

Will hotels of the future still have receptions?

How will the tourism industry look like in the future?

During the last few months we have selected and accelerated some of the most innovative startups in the world in the tourism industry! They are now ready to show you what will change in tourism and how to prepare yourself for the future!

Join us in Tourism Tech Summit to discuss all of that with Aceler@tech in Portugal finalists and help us build a better future for the tourism industry!


For the next step?

ACELER@TECH in PORTUGAL is an international acceleration program, organized by Acredita Portugal and supported by Turismo de Portugal, aimed at creating and developing new businesses based on innovative and challenging ideas in the tourism sector.

The program aims to support the development of innovation projects in the areas of Tourism and travel that contribute to economic, social and environmental sustainability, adding new technologies and methods that help companies in the sector to move from traditional operating models to advanced technologies and processes more efficient.

Who you will meet

During the program participants will have access to Speed Meetings with tourism SMEs, startups with a solution or product developed in Portugal, investors, and more.



Piloting Partners & Portuguese Startups

Our events


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First prize will receive
15,000 eur
Second prize will receive 3.000 eur and third prize 2.000 eur. All the other participants will receive personalized perks from our partners. All teams will receive the acceleration box from Acredita Portugal.

Selection criteria


Degree of development and innovation of the business model and its sustainability


Multidisciplinary and ability of the team to develop projects


Proven initial traction of the concept


Potential for growth and profitability of projects.


The degree of innovation of the proposed solutions


Projects adaptability to the environment sustainability, social and economical goals


Feb 17 - Apr 4: Online applications
Online disclosure of the program rules: objectives; recipients; scheduling; selection and evaluation criteria; awards and incentives.
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Apr 5 - Apr 21: 1st phase Acceleration
All subscribers have access to the acceleration phase, through a pedagogical business modeling platform
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Apr 22 - Apr 27: Selection of finalist Startups
Startups that have completed the 1st phase acceleration process will be evaluated by a jury
Read More
May 3 - May 30: Bootcamp Acceleration
The 20 finalist teams will have access to 4 weeks of intensive online training sessions
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Jun 14: Evaluation
At the end of the acceleration program, the 20 finalist startups will be evaluated by a jury appointed by the organization
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Jun 18: Closing Gala
The pitch presentation of the finalist projects and announcement of the three startups, that won the monetary awards.
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